Just like their name, air plants only need some air and water to thrive. See how you should care for air plants here ❤ See our detailed blog here: https://succulentsbox.com/blogs/blog/air-plant-care-guide See our air plant collection [More]
Tillandsias, or also known as air plants, are drought smart types of plants that are extremely easy to grow and make remarkable houseplants. Not only that, propagating them is quite easy. You just need to [More]
For more information, visit go.dtcc.edu/turfandhorticulture
Special production practices in horticulture crops desuckring,mattocking,alabinism,disbudding
Tool maintenance, step-by-step, for the long life of the tools and plant health.
I purchased the perfect tree to help frame the entry to my newest garden area. A Romeo Cherry. This tree was developed at the University of Saskatchewan so it is designed for my climate. Check [More]
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Online Bakers Indore provides the best online bakery in Indore. Here’s how you can add Indian spices in your normal recipe to get the most delectable cake:- INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. [More]
Here’s a easy recipe to make Butterscotch Sauce.. Which calls for simple ingredients such as White Sugar, Butter, Salt, Milk & Cream that’s it! Super easy to make and perfect for topping up your dessert, [More]
(http://www.green-talk.com) There are several ways to organically remove weeds from your garden; however, removing weeds from pavers is a really hard job. I use a flame weeder to control the weeds. Watch the video to [More]