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I picked this tool up from a local garage sale and had show just how satisfying this weeder is. I will never bend down to weed again. I couldn’t find the exact one, but here [More]
How to kill weeds without the need for nasty chemicals, vinegar, salt or homemade potions. This guide shows you two methods to remove weeds without any chemicals or herbicides. Garden Ninja shows you the effective [More]
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Join us as we put the finishing touches on our east facing flower bed. With a little elbow grease, weed prevention, and mulch we can give this garden a fresh new look. Preen Weed Prevention [More]
OCCULTATION, also known as tarping, is a great way to create a weed-free garden without any effort. Join us to see how we’ll use the tarp as a placeholder on this plot until we’re ready [More]