This video is a tutorial for light hedge cutting and trimming with tips for amateurs as well as for professionals .We use the electric hedge trimmer from Stihl KMR 130 R that is great for [More]
Hedge Trimming Or Pruning Hedera “Ivy” The genus Hedera includes evergreen, woody climbers in 8 to 12 species that are grown for their foliage and trailing or clinging growth habit. Leaves may be shaped like [More]
Arborvitaes are beautiful and make wonderful living fences, however they can become untamed and wild in a matter of a couple years resulting in unhealthy, misshapen trees that are falling over and are truly an [More]
Trimming a formal Beech hedge. Trimming the hedge from start to finish, using battery hedge trimmers, in this formal/ornamental garden #hedgetrimming #beechhedge #hedgecutting
Trimming a yew hedge. just a simple section of yew (taxus) being cutting #hedgetrimming #yew #gardening
Follow as i not only show you but tell you how i go about trimming most basic hedges. This neglected over grown Yew hedge is in need of a good tidy up. Hedge cutting is [More]
Watch the crew at VISION landscapes tackle a big hedge very quickly and efficiently! We are based out of the West-Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Hedge trimming and reshaping existing overgrown hedges is satisfying! For [More]