This video shares the unique attributes that tell the story of fruit and vegetable growing in New Zealand and highlights the many reasons why our produce is good for the world. The story was produced [More]
Circular Greenhouse Horticulture: Presentation Alexander Boedijn, for new business models, fit for the circular economy.
how lovely to document a week for you again. hope this brightens your day x Check out my new tiers & support me on Patreon … ———————————————————————————————————– THE HBOT SHOP – I have an [More]
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University of Minnesota Master’s of Professional Studies in Horticulture. Find out more about the horticulture degree and learn what kinds of careers are available to you once you graduate from the University of Minnesota, College [More]
Social media: @eleanorowens_outdoors Tiktok: @owens_outdoors Studying horticulture in lockdown can seem impossible because there is often such a heavy focus on the practical side. And that is the most enjoyable. However there’s a lot to [More]
Automation and robotics in Dutch pot plant and bedding plant nurseries as seen on the AHDB study tour as part of our SmartHort campaign.
Applied Horticulture from Wickerbottom in Don’t Starve Together was changed and turned into two books: Applied Silviculture, which grows grass & twigs and Horticulture, abridged which will grow up to 10 edible bushes and crops. [More]
Agroforestry presents lots of opportunities for the organic grower: to grow new fruit and nut crops to sell; to produce wood and wood chip to use; to provide shelter and reduce flooding; and to provide [More]