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Special production practices in horticulture crops desuckring,mattocking,alabinism,disbudding
SARE’s video series “What is Sustainable Agriculture” highlights some common practices farmers and ranchers use to improve profitability, quality of life and environmental stewardship. Learn more at “A Whole-Farm Approach to Sustainability” provides a [More]
#bestgraftingtechnique#mangograftingroot#Rijusahai.. In this video i will show you best Grafting technique.. Please subscribe my channel And watch full video.. My Instagram link 👇 👇 👇
Tino demonstrates a few ancient gardening techniques that still work a treat today. subscribe: HOW TO: SUPERCHARGE A CHARCOAL SLURRY FOR THE GARDEN This creates a DIY slow-release fertiliser: Gather charcoal from a wood [More]
In this lesson, the learners are expected to compare and contrast different types of pruning method and apply pruning in any shrubs or herbs with proper safety measures #Pruningherbsandshrubs #Pruningtree #Pinching #heading #thinning #raise #reduce [More]
This lesson will briefly discuss different training techniquesbin growing plants. Learners are expected to learn the different training techniques and its importance in horticulture. #supercropping #lollipopping #topping #fimming #ScOG #LST
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