The Great Indoors Part 1 – Containers & Potting Mix Over a series of videos, guest presenter and furniture designer Craig Miller-Randle will cover everything you need to know about successfully growing plants indoors. In [More]
Gardener, blogger and allotmenteer Bryony Willis, shows you how to plant early potatoes. To find out more about growing your own potatoes, visit: To purchase early seed potatoes and other RHS recommended plants, books, [More]
Hear from Beverly Percival Smith, coordinator of the Horticulture Show, and Lynda Pasacreta, president of the Richmond Garden Club. To learn more, visit #CanadaDay
PSA Canseco House Horticulture Project
|STAY IN TOUCH| I LINKS I Succulent soil : Pots: Potting soil: Cocopeat: Fertiliser: Compost: |ABOUT| Although Succulents are one of easiest plants to care, yet we keep [More]
This farm in Tasmania’s Huon Valley grows rows of the delicate flowers that create the spice that is worth more than gold. Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus) are a small, somewhat unassuming flower with purple petals. [More]
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This video shows different varieties of plants at my parents home garden.
A lot of people find irrigation a bit daunting but Josh loves it so he has some tips for making it simple. For the vegie garden, which needs a lot of water, he has chosen [More]
When Brad Lancaster and his brother bought their home in downtown Tucson, the streetscape was a dusty place, devoid of trees or any vegetation. In 1996 Lancaster and his neighbors started an annual tree-planting project, [More]