Ever wonder what peppers are the easiest to grow in cold climates? In this video we are going to look at which peppers work best for Canadian gardeners. We also explore the best way to [More]
Very strong, compact plants crank out tapered, pointed bells from early summer on. The fruit is the loveliest shade of plum purple, ripening to a lustrous red-brown. Crisp, juicy, thick-walled fruit is very sweet. The [More]
A Harvesting History Planting Tutorial. Simple, easy to understand and short tutorial on how to grow peppers in containers. The researchers at Harvesting History have been studying container gardening for years. They have completed more [More]
Germinating The Pepper Seeds Was The Easy Part! Now, it is time to grow up our Pepper seedlings to get them as big and robust as possible before we plant them into our spring gardens. [More]
Bell pepper is a versatile vegetable that is also pretty easy to grow. Watch this video to learn how.
In this video, we talk about our 5 favorite pepper types that we grew this year. Some are classics, and others were new-to-us successes! We love growing new pepper varieties in the garden each year, [More]
Peppers are one of the easiest things to grow. However, the way you cultivate a plant will determine how many vegetables you get off each plant. Watch the short video and learn how to do [More]
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SEE OUR EBOOK: https://peppergeek.com/ebook/ Support Us ♥ https://peppergeek.com/support-us/ ************************************************ Every year, we grow dozens of different pepper varieties from seed. In this video, I’ll show you how to germinate pepper seeds fast. We go over [More]
Its easy to grow hot peppers in containers at home. We go thru this successful method from seed to harvest in this video. Thank you Black Kow for sponsoring this video. #peppers #urbangarden #growyourown More [More]