PUKKA’s head of Herbal Education and an expert in Ayurvedic nutrition takes us on a step by step guide to growing herbs indoors.
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Learn about the 10 Essential Medicinal Herbs to Grow for Making Home Remedies. ➡️SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/marysnest?sub_confirmation=1 ⬇️Click Video Title or “Show More” for Addit’l Info⬇️ 🍎BLOG POST: https://marysnest.com/10-essential-medicinal-herbs-to-grow-in-your-garden/ ➡️TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction 8:58 Calendula 12:19 Chamomile 15:34 [More]
Choose the right containers and conditions to successfully grow herbs
Joey shows how to grow herbs indoors. http://thewisconsinvegetablegardener.com