Philip gave us a true masterclass on how to grow fruit well, in a simple and understandable manner with informative slides. Topics include: Pruning Planting Fertilizer Apples Pears Raspberries cultivars Plum Damson Peach Apricot Nectarine [More]
Winter Pruning fruit trees is KEY to the health and structure of your backyard fruit trees. While summer pruning fruit trees focuses on keeping the overall size in check, winter pruning focuses on detail pruning. [More]
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When you come across fruit trees that were left unpruned and neglected for several years, it may be difficult to know where to start and what to prune. In this video, I prune a couple [More]
The genus Prunus contains the stone fruit we all so cherish in our gardens: plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, almonds…But these trees have specific needs in order to produce the best crop for your orchard or [More]
How to grow pear trees in the PNW orchard and food forest without getting fireblight. Pruning, varieties, cultivation of pear trees in my permaculture garden.
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Acclaimed garden designer Arne Maynard explains how he creates planted structure, talking through some of his signature plants and explaining how he uses them in his designs. About the Program: The Institute of Classical Architecture [More]
The plants mentioned in today‚Äôs video: Betula pendula (silver birch) Damson Visit John’s garden at Ratoath Garden Centre in Co. Meath, Ireland. Come and visit us, stroll around our gardens and be inspired.
When to Prune an Italian Plum Tree. Part of the series: Growing Plum Trees. Italian plum trees are pruned in late winter so that there is a minimal window of time for fungal growth, frost [More]