Greenhouse vining crop expert Andrew Mefferd provides instructions and tips on greenhouse tomatoes, including how to prune your greenhouse tomato plants — and why pruning is well worthwhile. 0:16 Why prune tomatoes 1:02 How to [More]
Building strawberry gutters in the greenhouse. We’re a big fan of this method ever since seeing Zach at @An American Homestead showcase theirs back in 2016. Now that we have a greenhouse of our own, [More]
For Memorial Day 2020 I visited Bryan at Olsons Greenhouse. This place is amazing and it is quite enjoyable to see so many cool annuals and perennials. What an awesome place to visit. Olson’s Greenhouse: [More]
This greenhouse is where we store most of our personal collection of tropical and sub tropical plants during the winter. Many of these plants are older than I am. This video shows our Meyer Lemon [More]
Today we are planting bulb onions called Texas Legends in our greenhouses. We will see if the white shadecloth vs the black shadecloth makes a difference. Also we are checking out a few companion planting [More]
This is a first for me, growing Sweetcorn in a greenhouse. Last year I grew Sweetcorn in 10″ pots outdoors and had an half decent result so this year I am hoping to do even [More]
This video shows you how easy it is to plant cucumber plants in the greenhouse. They produce a better crop than the varieties bred for outdoors as obviously they are not at the mercy of [More]
Use a Free plastic Spinach container as a mini greenhouse or humidity dome to start seeds. This setup lock in moisture and creates humidity to start seeds with 100% germination rate. #greenhouse #seedstarting #gardening ___________________ [More]
A tour around my small heated greenhouse in the last month of winter l. I show you what tropical and exotic plants I am growing for my own personal tropical garden and exotic plant collection [More]
#tomatoes #greenhouse Want BONUS info and extra STUFF not on my YOUTUBE channel? Join the Fit Farmer’s mailing list, sign up here: And if you’re looking for some SWEET discounts to help you grow [More]