Avoid these 8 mistakes and you will have Bigger Harvests from your Garden! Into- 00:00 Transplanting Basics- 00:14 1st Mistake, Transplanting out too early in the year Bad Timing)- 00:48 2nd Mistake, Not hardening off [More]
#gardeningmistakes 3 Gardening Mistakes I’ve Recently Made and HOW You Can Avoid Making Them Too Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/mvpben/ Canadian Permaculture Legacy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfz0O9f_Ysivwz1CzEn4Wdw
There is a long list of benefits to using raised beds in your garden and though raised garden beds are not permanent structures, ideally, you don’t want to move them once you set them up [More]
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Today, I talk to you about 9 mistakes I made in the past that I want beginners to learn from! Please like, comment, and subscribe! Also, please share this video with any friends who are [More]
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In this video, I share about some common gardening mistakes and the lessons I learned from them.
8 Gardening Mistakes to avoid for beginners. Gardening can be touch, learn from others who have made mistakes before you so you can have better success in your garden. Gardening tips can make all the [More]