Explore our tiny little urban garden in Splott, Cardiff and find out what I am growing in this tiny inner city space. #StayHomeGrowYourOwn
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Our outdoor balcony garden is finally complete and Lisa is ready to show how it is all set up. From flowers to vegetables to fruits…She has put a little bit of everything in garden and [More]
Backyard Organic Gardening in Boston City | Urban gardening One of the craziest thing I’ve every done in Boston, Feeding chicken is actually easier than i expected. Don grew up having chicken so it was [More]
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If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard this beautiful, there’s no need for a cottage! Designer Brian Gluckstein gives us a tour of his lush urban oasis in Toronto, which was over 20 years [More]
Lizz and Brix give tips on how to create your own garden using old drawers as grow boxes. Finding Nature’s Heroes follows a family from Los Angeles, CA on a mission to find people who [More]
Gain insights into Singapore’s transformation from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden” in this programme produced by award-winning producer Mike Birkhead. Shot in high-definition with spectacular aerial views, the programme shows how [More]
60+ City Gardens, Small Urban Garden Design Ideas. Today we show you amazing skyscraper roof gardens, small garden ideas, backyard ideas. If you liked this video, subscribe and watch more new videos. Follow us on [More]