John from has special guest Enoch from The Urban Gardener Channel to get his opinions of John’s Backyard desert garden. In this episode, John will give you a full tour of his summer garden [More]
Summer heat in your Florida vegetable garden can be intense. Elise Pickett with The Urban Harvest will share 4 tips for helping your summer vegetable garden beat the heat plus a bonus – 10 summer [More]
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Are you noticing your plants struggling suffering and dying during hash summer? Hot weather can be hard on your plants. Just like us, they need special care in extreme heat. Even with adequate watering plants [More]
Enjoy this video which will give you an update on how all the plants are doing in the landscape at Laura and Aaron’s home. Be sure to grab paper and a pencil, you will want [More]
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|STAY IN TOUCH| I LINKS I Compost: Sea weed solution: Table: Chair: |ABOUT| Pothos or the money plant, as famously known in India is one of the easiest to grow [More]