Plants and gardening change from summer to autumn. Gardener Scott discusses considerations for preparing a fall and winter garden, answers gardening questions, shares his gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #78 0:40 [More]
Some of our Fall Mixed Combinations. Container Gardens. Tips on Growing Mums.
Do you want a strong vine in your garden? Sweet Autumn Clematis is a strong vine known for its beautiful flowers and exquisite fragrance. It is the perfect choice for your garden.
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#DownSyndromeawareness #Autismawareness #Gardeningandspecialneeds We are a special needs family and we face a lot of challenges that other families don’t face but we love, laugh, and most importantly we never give up when times are [More]
Planting Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azaleas – Mini Garden Tour – In this video I plant three Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azaleas at a friend’s house. These will be available in 2021. Then I show off a [More]
When summer comes to an end, don’t stop gardening. Whilst the summer colour may be starting to fade, planting autumn and winter flowering plants will provide plenty of colour and joy throughout those cold, dark [More]
Nigel gives his advice on how to naturally improve the health and development of our gardens this Autumn, after the stresses of Summer.
Spending a mild October afternoon taking down the tomatoes and peppers, cleaning the greenhouse, and bringing greens inside to grow over the winter. Also an update on Louis, who is very ill at the moment. [More]