Greg Wilkes from Stop Digging UK explains about ‘Capital Gains Tax’ and how to avoid this! Call 020 3970 3979 or email for your Garden Office Foundations quote today!
I finally got a shed! I had my shed delivered to me instead of trying to build my own shed. I think the extra cost of buying a pre built shed was worth it for [More]
We designed and installed this Small Garden Office for a family located in London. We are proud to present the “Jay” model from our Small Garden Office collection. There are seven sizes in the collection [More]
#mancave #gardenoffice #shed These are some of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about my garden office. 0:00 Intro How long did it take to build? 0:22 How did I make the roof? 1:09 Why didn’t you [More]
DIY Garden Room – the garden room is 7.2×4.5m (externally), with a 2″x5″ frame, 120mm PIR insulation, warm roof construction with Shou Sugi Ban larch cladding. We use it as a home office, gym and [More]
A guide on options for adding a garden office to your home. Includes purchasing options installed and self-build as well as ideas and market research options prior to starting a project.
Garden Office Pt.4 The road to a peaceful workspace at home (and evening entertainment centre) Days 4&5. Onto the base and insulation. TIme for the powertools!!
Lack Of space in the home for working? Hard to concentrate? Garden offices from WAH Solutions can be the answer. No planning. Tax benefits. Employee benefits. Lifestyle benefits.
Unedited time-lapse of my garden office build – this is here in case I never get around to making an edited version!