Secret recipe for success of Chilli growing in pots. #Chilli_growing #Pepper_recipe #Chilli_Fertilizer_mix
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They grow really better than what I expected. #Longmeimei #chili #pepper
Check out the blog post to get a printable recipe and learn more about products featured in the video: By my calculations, we have made about 20 giant batches of chili in the past [More]
PLEASE! 👉 LIKES ON THIS VIDEO 👍 Leave Comments 👇 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS🔔 Many do not believe that this is also a possible way of planting peppers. So watch this video and you will be [More]
Grew some Razzmatazz chili under my grow lights. Unfortunately they didn’t develope any other colour than green and red. Maybe the seeds are of bad quality or pollen from another plant is needed. Grow lights: [More]
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