Preparing the allotment vegetable plot soil into a decent shape in the raised beds with the hand tiller and harvesting the last of the vegetables from last season. The polytunnel is about ready now as [More]
Shokher Bagan – Birmingham Allotment Tour My Family Garden is on tour, we begin in the midlands visiting a couple of allotment gardens. This is a very traditional Bangladeshi vegetable garden focussing on growing bangladeshi [More]
Get Cooking! Cooking made easy How to make quick, easy and tasty vegan gluten free frutters with fresh home grown vegetables. Also a great way to use up vegetables in the fridge by grating them.
Harvesting a few bits and pieces from the Allotment. The Peas are ready now and are some of the Onions. The Lettuce keep on coming as do the Spring onions. The first little Courgettes and [More]
We show you the Top job in October on the Vegetable Allotment Garden 00:00 intro 00:26 tidy up and prune strawberry beds 00:59 remove netting of fruit bushes 01.20 collect fallen leaves for leaf mould [More]
These long lasting covers let light and rain through, and keep pests out. Simply held down by stones and mostly 2m wide to cover any bed. I show which vegetables are susceptible, and recommend getting [More]
Allotment Diary : Fortnightly Veg Plot, polytunnel & greenhouse update. Everything seems to be growing well despite the lack of rain. The Giant Vegetables are doing well so far. (Amazon Affiliate Link) Beetle Frass : [More]
A qiuck update on the veg growing in the Greenhouse and the tomatoes in the grow room. Things are now ready to be planted out and suffering in the recent heat in the Greenhouse. Think [More]