Just like their name, air plants only need some air and water to thrive. See how you should care for air plants here ❤ See our detailed blog here: https://succulentsbox.com/blogs/blog/air-plant-care-guide See our air plant collection [More]
Tillandsias, or also known as air plants, are drought smart types of plants that are extremely easy to grow and make remarkable houseplants. Not only that, propagating them is quite easy. You just need to [More]
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Airplant care guide for beginners and an air plant unboxing/airplant haul! My air plant care tips from watering advice, light/temperature needs, propagation and pruning, specifically for Tillandsia Capitata Peach airplants. I also unbox my new [More]
Airplant is a general term for plants that grow with no need for soil contact. One genus of Airplants that is especially prevalent in Florida and the southern United States is Tillandsia. In many cases, [More]
50 species of Air Plants, These plants are called Air Plants. Their true name are Tillandsia. The reason why they are nicknamed “AIR PLANT” is because they get the majority of their nutrients from the [More]
#desertplantsofavalon #airplants #tillandsias In this video we re arrange Air Plants in our Kitchen & Bathroom. Please help support my channel by visiting my online shop here https://teespring.com/stores/desert-plants-of-avalon-store ★ Check out my website http://www.desertplantsofavalon.com/ ★ [More]
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Paul discusses some basic, but helpful, tips on how to properly get your air plants the light they need.
A plant that doesn’t need dirt at all? Who ever thought this existed! These appreciate bright indirect light and weekly watering. If you stick to these guidelines there really isn’t much that can go wrong [More]