NB: stills and soundtrack only (video copyrighted and blocked) https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000m7pq/gardeners-world-2020-episode-25 Gardeners’ World 2020: Episode 25 Adam Frost is in his garden, the team visit two enthusiasts with a passion for air plants at their nursery [More]
If you are looking for the preserved dyed moss we used in this video, check the link below (You may need more than one bag, depending on the size of frame you go with): https://www.amazon.com/SuperMoss-25320-Forest-Moss-Preserved/dp/B00I6AJKI4/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=preserved+forest+moss&qid=1611955329&sr=8-6 [More]
Air plants, a.k.a Tillandsias, have won the spotlight of being the most popular houseplant, as they can be displayed in a lot of creative ways. Plus, they don’t need soil to thrive, which makes them [More]
Easy Air Plant Care: the Giant Easy To Grow GIANT Air Plants / Tillandsia xerographica care tips and tricks for happy Plants air plants indoor plants tillandsia air plant house plants air plant watering air [More]
Hello Plant People, Today’s video is all about the beautiful Air Plants … There are some many varieties of Air Plants available and I have listed few of them for you guys in this video.. [More]
In this video we answer the basics of how to care for Your Air Plants (Tillandsia). We cover about the Air, Light and Watering Requirements. 🌿LINKS🌿 How to Care for Air Plants? – https://youtu.be/oJNGW8EkN7s 🌿FOLLOW [More]
A simple scape with an airplant tillandsia. This is a minimalistic layout inside a 1.5 gallon nano tank. I have used river gravel, stones, redmoor driftwood and some twigs for the hardscape. Finally my airplant [More]
A simple way to display your airplants and decorate your home.
Air plantsĀ are intriguing indoor plants that are easy to grow once you know how to care for them. Despite what their name suggests, air plants need more than just air to survive. They are called [More]