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We are here to help you learn to garden. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

We are a gateway site for the amazing gardener, horticulturist, garden office builder and landscape gardener Laura Lyons who is a registered member of the UK Gardeners Guild. She is more than happy to advise on any garden project, large or small, within her working area. References are available for her previous work involving garden play equipment, forts, zip slides, greenhouses, sheds, raised beds, fences and hedge creation and maintenance, coppicing, ponds and drainage, garden offices, greenhouse, plant and soil advice, landscaping and borders, hahas and orchard management amongst all other aspects of her work.

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Instead of wood returns and casing, drywall is a great no-trim option for a clean look that’s more affordable.

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Shane Brown says:

This is extremely helpful Any chance you could share links or a list of the materials used?

charlie sanchez says:

Can I use metal corners instead of plastic

multidinero says:

So, what are you doing about the interior corners-closer to the window? Compound alone will certainly crack over time. I mean I prefer wood trim, but when I would do such things in the past I’d use a metal J-bead at the interior corner near the windows. After installing that J-bead, you can compound or caulk or use both to complete the finish.

You could also mesh tape it as well, I think, but I don’t think it should just be a drywall butt joint.

Al McCallie says:

Really appreciate the clear, no nonsense demonstration and instruction without annoying music. Good job.

Meshed Gears says:

Nice video, why do you not use the drywall factory edge towards the window it would be much cleaner and the opposite edge is covered? Oh and its a tighter fit to the window frame.
The mesh in the corner wouldn't that be better if it was a bit longer and placed at a 45 (90 to the direction you have now). I have even seen two strips of mesh in some builds at the doors and windows corners especially in soil conditions where settling occurs..

Lizzy Hughes says:

Great video! Have you done this with an interior door?

KLM Builders says:

I'm curious as to why you don't 45 the corners of the cornerbead as is typically done with metal.

Mark Kerkering II says:

Nice job all round way cheaper faster way to be done.. if a good flex caulking is used and good water resistant drywall and paint .. condensation won't do as much damage as iv noticed over 30 years of repairing doors and windows.

imaginary i says:

He is so skilled and talented,…

Ed Over50 says:

Always enjoy your videos Myron, hope you do more.

patrick cowan says:

This was popular in the 60's and 70's. Windows always have condensation and the drywall always fails eventually, believe me as i have repaired hundreds.

Jared Czaia says:

So no caulk on the joint where the drywall jamb meets the window? Seems like it would benefit from caulk for building performance/air sealing.

Ttf Web says:

I’m not a fan of drywall returns myself, but this is great work.

Liverpool Liverpool says:

Great Video am a taper myself and what I've learned today is that putting that small piece of mesh tape at the end of the corner beads at the top

HowToDoItDude says:

I’ve been a taper since my teenage years, I must say, you are very knowledgeable and it shows. Great work and videos!

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