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Know how to propagate a rubber tree (Ficus Elastica) from cuttings in easy steps. The propagation steps to grow a rubber plant from cutting include making rubber tree propagation media, taking rubber cuttings, rooting hormone for rubber plant propagation, planting the rubber cutting, transplanting, etc. The rubber tree propagation method shown is also good for baby rubber plant propagation, rubber plant burgundy, variegated rubber plant, and ruby.
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If you click away from our site to any of our affiliate partners we may earn a small percentage of any subsequent purchase you may make without raising the price to you. Thank you.



Sir, don't u water it now?

MB G says:

I started this 2 weeks ago and you responded to my question, (I followed someone else’s advice before finding your video) and my stems are turning brown. Is this normal? Thank you.

MB G says:

Unfortunately I just found your video after I planted two cuttings. Based off of another’s information, I dipped the stems in cinnamon as a root stimulant, placed them in damp potting soil, wrapped them in plastic, but did not cut the leaves. I don’t know if I should disturb them, but I’m worried this method won’t be successful. Should I remove the plastic and cut the leaves? Thank you.

Clare Serzo says:

hi. i watched your video and i tried it with my rubber tree. its been a month now. i was wondering why my cuttings has no roots yet. though i can see small buds appearing above the leaf. could you help me more on this please. by the way i used rooting hormone as well.
Thank you so much

dhedhedhedumb says:

Hi! The leaves of my rubber plant are falling off so I decided to cut the upper parts of the stem and propagate. The stem cutting I have has one large leaf (about 7 inches long) branched onto it. Do I cut that leaf or do I just leave it in the stem cutting? Thank you!

J J says:

Hi can i ask why the need to cut upper leaves in half? :-))

Samuel says:

I dont have river sand. Is that a problem?
Can I use something else?

Marissa Sunglao says:

Kelangan bang ilagay sa plastic ang bagong tanim na rubber? at di cya didiligan ? talagang no watering it for how long?

dianasaur says:

Is it okay for the leaves to touch the plastic bag? I read somewhere that you can’t

Habib Mehdizade says:


Thanks alot for preparing this lovely video .iwish you always be happy.

receipee. Pithawala says:

Hi….I have bought rubber plant from nursary…they gave me one having quite long stem n few leaves on the top….uptil now no growth…at all I pruned one leaf also b4 two weeks…but of no use…what shall I do???I asked many on comment box but no suggestion from any one….shall I prapogate from cutting from upper part???pl reply soonnnnnn

Marina Anselmo says:

How long does it take to remove the plants from the plastic bag? Thanks!!

Glass Door says:

Can i do this without rooting hormone

Ruby Paterson says:

How can the plants get oxygen when the bag are seal? Can I put into a zip lock bag? And do I need to water at all?

priyal mudgal says:

I tired this and it worked! I did not even have to cut the leaves in half as is shown in the video.

A_ree_ta says:

Thank you for not telling us to propagate just the leaf and pretend like it’ll work. I wasted so much of my time rooting leaves.

girl0007 says:

i have growth! but now there are fruitflies in the bag helpppp meeeeeeee

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