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We are here to help you learn to garden. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

We are a gateway site for the amazing gardener, horticulturist, garden office builder and landscape gardener Laura Lyons who is a registered member of the UK Gardeners Guild. She is more than happy to advise on any garden project, large or small, within her working area. References are available for her previous work involving garden play equipment, forts, zip slides, greenhouses, sheds, raised beds, fences and hedge creation and maintenance, coppicing, ponds and drainage, garden offices, greenhouse, plant and soil advice, landscaping and borders, hahas and orchard management amongst all other aspects of her work.

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Shokher Bagan – Birmingham Allotment Tour
My Family Garden is on tour, we begin in the midlands visiting a couple of allotment gardens. This is a very traditional Bangladeshi vegetable garden focussing on growing bangladeshi vegetables on this UK allotment. A lot of the video is in Bangla, i have tried to translate and add my comentary in parts.

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If you click away from our site to any of our affiliate partners we may earn a small percentage of any subsequent purchase you may make without raising the price to you. Thank you.


Elaine Williams says:

Thank you to your Uncle for taking us around your garden. It would be good to get a follow up. Huge plot.

Ahmed Islam says:

That is my uncle. This is probably the only YouTuber that is my relative.

Bristol Veggie Beds says:

Great to see what other people do with their plots!

Nitin varsani says:

MashAllah lovely Allotmet
Lots of great tips and ideas

Baltic Homesteaders says:

Really interesting. I always love seeing tour videos because there's always something to learn, some inspiration or an idea to try out. It was really interesting about the stuff on amaranth as I'm trying to grow that this year too. Am really interesting to know more about how it's processed to get the seed out or is it used a different way? And the beds of coriander – wow, it's like the beds of dill folk grow here. Good stuff, look forward to others, hope to do a few myself this year as well.

Munim Miah says:

Sent this video to my dad. He loves gardening if only the Bengali was a bit louder. Why don’t you make some videos in Bengali my dad and the elder generation would love it

Raumaan Raja says:

MaShaAllah mawlana sahib what a wonderful upload

smithy says:

Thank you and please thank your uncle for us. I loved how he's recycling so much and using simple free things as fertiliser. Does he leave the grass to sit a bit before putting it down as a mulch or put it straight down and if he leaves it how long for please? I'm never sure which your supposed to do with using grass as a mulch. You know when he was putting the comfrey in the big container of water what was he saying if it was about that please? Does he just use it straight undiluted from there? Does it not smell as much as making a more concentrated comfrey tea to add to water or does he find that an easier way of doing it? He must use a lot of coriander he's growing loads. I never know what to do much with coriander. I need to learn how to grow and cook with fresh spices that we can grow in england. I always tend to use them more out of jars even though I make curries ect. Thank you

Hendrik Huevel says:

Nice pink barrel with swamp water and yes it brings back live in complete dead soil tested

purplesmileymonster says:

I like the idea of a garden tour. Looking forward to more

Marianne Gibson says:

I love the chimney pot idea – I'm thinking it could help my squash plants stay safer from slug attacks until they're stronger

Gary Finch says:

Great to see the diversity of plants, people and materials – Does your uncle grow chick peas every year Mothin? I thought they needed warmer climates to do well? Interesting that Amaranth is a staple for Bangladeshi people – originally from the America's so guess it was taken along with chillies by the Portuguese? How does your uncle deal with slugs and snails please?

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