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We are here to help you learn to garden. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

We are a gateway site for the amazing gardener, horticulturist, garden office builder and landscape gardener Laura Lyons who is a registered member of the UK Gardeners Guild. She is more than happy to advise on any garden project, large or small, within her working area. References are available for her previous work involving garden play equipment, forts, zip slides, greenhouses, sheds, raised beds, fences and hedge creation and maintenance, coppicing, ponds and drainage, garden offices, greenhouse, plant and soil advice, landscaping and borders, hahas and orchard management amongst all other aspects of her work.

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Subscribe to Epic Homesteading for the bread update coming soon: I grew my own wheat! This video takes you from seed to harvest, including threshing and winnowing the wheat so I have a relatively clean product to grind into my own flour.

00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Wheat Varieties
01:40 – Site Prep
03:41 – Sowing Wheat
06:10 – Germination
07:07 – 2 Months Of Growth
09:07 – When Is It Ready
10:54 – Harvesting Wheat
12:07 – Threshing Wheat
13:38 – Winnowing The Wheat
14:45 – Final Yield
15:04 – Outro


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karl sulderits says:

How can you make half a loaf lol


Not worth the time unless this is a well of rich guys hobby.

Landless Farmer says:

This was so cool! Can't wait to grow wheat!!

Mohammad Sadeq says:

What's your thoughts about yeast fertilizer, they use it alot in my country and I want to know if it's actually effective

Lukas Lambraia says:

Watching your channel makes me think “damn I have so many things I want to grow”

Archives4Khmer says:

I love growing weed well wheat

Manonnan2010 says:

Wait so you took one pound of seeds (453 grams) and with months of hard work turned it into 250 grams of wheat? Am I missing something here?

Terry Fennell says:

Live in a warm area where we dont have much of a winter, maybe 2 to 3 freezes a year in far west texas. i got some great sweet corn seed. will sweet corn still grow with 70-80 degrees? first time gardener. huge success with summer crop and harvest..

Paul Garas says:

I’ve seen some suggestions that the initial watering of the seeds with a compost extract can speed up germination and boost yields.

Clark1231 says:

How many grams did you use to get that much? I hope it wasn't the whole 1lb bag because your harvest was about 1/2lb 😛

M.J Mac Rae says:

you used a pound to grow 200grams??

Allan Allansson says:

Excellent video! Goes to show that it is harder to get a away from Big Agro calories (staples) such as grains and oils than growing greens and root starch (aka potatoes etc.). Sure we should probably eat less of the high calorie density stuff, but a food security/independence with all food options we gotten used to is a true challenge. Economy of scale and the need of equipment to do the necessary processing for some type of crops are factors not on a home grower´s side.

Belle Jones says:

Wow! I’m still trying to grow potatoes. With God all things are possible.

J A says:

Correct me if I'm wrong.. but wasn't the yield less than you planted originally?

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