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We are here to help you learn to garden. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

We are a gateway site for the amazing gardener, horticulturist, garden office builder and landscape gardener Laura Lyons who is a registered member of the UK Gardeners Guild. She is more than happy to advise on any garden project, large or small, within her working area. References are available for her previous work involving garden play equipment, forts, zip slides, greenhouses, sheds, raised beds, fences and hedge creation and maintenance, coppicing, ponds and drainage, garden offices, greenhouse, plant and soil advice, landscaping and borders, hahas and orchard management amongst all other aspects of her work.

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It’s spring here in New Zealand and it’s time to start building our organic No-Dig vegetable garden on our Homestead Lifestyle Block. While no-dig gardening sounds easy, and once you get set up it is, the process of building your garden beds requires a few interesting ingredients and a bit of time.

Join me and my wife @Carrie Rad as we change the garden beds on our homestead property by building our organic soil oasis one layer at a time and transform the old, overgrown garden into something beautiful and productive.

HUGE THANKS TO Little Farms NZ for teaching us more about the No-Dig Gardening method.
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I’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. In January of 2021, I moved to New Zealand with my wife to find land and a home in the countryside. On this channel, I’ll share some of my journey renovating our old homestead property as well as travel guides, motivational and inspirational videos from lessons I’ve learned during my life, and cooking recipes from international cuisine using vegetables grown in my home garden. Hopefully, my videos will help you learn new skills, find happiness, inspire exploration, and grow your creativity. Stay tuned friends!



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If you click away from our site to any of our affiliate partners we may earn a small percentage of any subsequent purchase you may make without raising the price to you. Thank you.


Marlee Craig says:

What a beautiful sound to wake up to Alex. Awww, Lanka and Woolston are so cute, the garden looks amazing Alex ♥️

D Rayner says:

A wonderful vlog today and one which made me just a little homesick. I can’t wait to get back to my little corner of paradise in the Wairarapa. I’ve been in Auckland since just before lockdown helping out my daughter who had returned from the UK with her baby. Her husband arrived in the country 9 days ago along with their dog so tomorrow we pick up George from quarantine and then her husband gets out of MIQ on Friday. Hopefully I will leave for home next Monday – double vaccinated, proof of where I live and a negative COVID test to get through the AKL and Waikato borders!

yamini priya says:

I come to your videos whenever I want a dose of nature in me ❤

m e says:

I feel like such a slacker compared to you two. I power washed my deck more than a month ago and only got to staining it today because we’ve had so much rain.

m e says:

I’m old enough to be your father but if you adopt me I can also live like you two. I need freedom from the noise of my NYC suburban hood. Life was more peaceful when I lived in The Bronx.

Ben CG says:

That beach looks wonderful! Garden's coming along nicely too. You could maybe even sell your produce if you end up with more than you can eat.

The Adventures of Zoom and Bettie says:

Another amazing episode. We are counting down the days on the settlement of our own homestead at the moment. Watching your videos is just ramping up the excitement even more! Cant wait!

Yogalia Flow says:

Such a beautiful video Alex, your content is one of a kind. I got a little teary-eyed hearing you speak about life under the fruit tree Living in the moment is such a beautiful experience. I'm so happy for all of the progress you and Carrie have made! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next video!

Shalika Galawala says:

Your vlogs have become our Sunday morning.. Thanks for that. It’s so soothing to listen to your calm voice. and, you guys are such an inspiration.

29tarango says:

I love your videos and enjoying the process of renovating ur homestead

Gavin McDowell says:

Love Palliser bay right round to the lighthouse. You'll need go visist. Great fishing in the area.

Magellan and Greyhound says:

I really love the idea of making your own garden in a place that doesn't need you or it. It's a nice crossover of man in nature. Beautiful place.

Raul Green says:

Great day to be alive, we already are!

Kirstin Stansbury says:

The gardens look so amazing! You’re both such hard workers to get it to that state! Loving your content at the moment and it’s one of the highlights of my weekend.

Eddy and Sarah Van Leeuwen says:

Love the birdsong, surprised to see the parrot, don't see them in Christchurch. If you collect the fallen/dried cabbage tree leaves and tie them in small handful bundles, they make great fire starters and if you add your rosemary, lavender, laurel and citrus prunings, they smell really nice.

Eileen Hildreth says:

Labour weekend is the day a lot of gardens get planted up so you are well on track. Stake those tomatoes with sturdy tall stakes so they don't get damaged by the wind

Amy Finlayson says:

what is the name of that beach? i live in NZ i must stop there at check it out sometime ! Also loving your series. Makes me miss living on my old dairy farm in Taupo 🙂

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