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We are here to help you learn to garden. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

We are a gateway site for the amazing gardener, horticulturist, garden office builder and landscape gardener Laura Lyons who is a registered member of the UK Gardeners Guild. She is more than happy to advise on any garden project, large or small, within her working area. References are available for her previous work involving garden play equipment, forts, zip slides, greenhouses, sheds, raised beds, fences and hedge creation and maintenance, coppicing, ponds and drainage, garden offices, greenhouse, plant and soil advice, landscaping and borders, hahas and orchard management amongst all other aspects of her work.

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In this month’s video I show how my winter no dig garden is going.

Firstly, I start by talking about what I am planting and sowing in winter in some of the different no-dig garden areas of my property .

In my top garden I show my winter crops to harvest and talk about using the remaining harvested plant as a green mulch.

The next thing I show is the my front garden where I am harvesting broccoli, daikon radish and red mustard leaves.

Next, I provide an update on how my seedlings are going since I planted them and show how to prick out seedlings and put them in larger pots while avoiding transplant shock or damaging the seedling stems.

Finally I show me planting out pea seedlings into the garden and using my worm filled compost.
You can watch the recent seedling video I made here:

Hopefully this month’s gardening video helps you in your garden!

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If you click away from our site to any of our affiliate partners we may earn a small percentage of any subsequent purchase you may make without raising the price to you. Thank you.


Aaron Tonga says:

Hi there can weeds be composted?

김Summer says:

Loved the update, loved the appearance of hens 🙂 which breed of them? Also I’m fully encouraged to be a home grower after my moving to Nelson, thanks heaps! It is utter joy watching Kiwi gardener through Youtube xx love from Zqn

Alissa Wilson says:

Do you do any kind of frost protection? We’re getting some pretty gnarly frosts in North Canterbury already. Should I keep my veges covered with a frost cloth?

Ben Wright says:

Another cool video, I always learn something from. Just wondering where you get the netting you used for your peas.

Charlotte-Rose Ruddell says:

Kia ora from Tāmaki Makaurau. So lovely to come across your mahi and grow some more knowledge about the edible garden. We have a urban section that is our permaculture project. It's great to find more inspiration and education. Thanks Elien!

ru Grew - Gardening in New Zealand says:

I love following your garden – while we grow in Wellington and Christchurch, your south/shade gardens are quite similar to my winter garden – I'm learning the whole time about how best to position everything and grow to maximise the seasons and space we have here

Kathryn Kidd says:

Thanks from Napier. have sorted my seeds into my new container I bought after your previous update. I am very chuffed with it. I need to get a wriggle on with my seed sowing.

Kath's Gully Garden New Zealand says:

Wahoo bring on spring

Joey Hardin says:

Thanks, Elien for the video. Liked the section of planting the sprouts into pots. That little section goes on millions of millions times each year. Thanks again!

Annie Cochrane says:

Hi – great to see other southern hemisphere gardeners getting ready for the summer flush. Loved the seaweed soak idea to help plants transplant more happily. I have a couple of beds that don't get winter sun – so i simply dont usually plant them in winter. but I will try your idea of getting brassicas into them in summer, so they will produce when the early summer sun starts to shine on them. What gorgeous chooks!!!

Lisa Sanders says:

Do you think you could do a video on your chickens. Like the care, diet, upkeep, benfits etc of having chickens.
And also do you ever do potato's in bags/sacks? Thanks heaps! Really enjoy your channel.

Jesse Ngaia says:

Hi, just starting a no dig garden. I was wondering how long you soak your seedlings for before transplanting? Sounds like a good idea

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